How SOS SAHEL uses Delta Monitoring to enhance data management optimize workflows and improve reporting

SOS SAHEL is a non-governmental organization operating across multiple countries in the Sahel region. They are dedicated to promoting sustainable development and alleviating poverty.

Given the variety of projects they undertake, SOS SAHEL sought to boost workflow effectiveness, simplify data management, and refine reporting procedures.
In response to these needs, SOS SAHEL adopted Delta Monitoring, an all-encompassing solution designed to manage multiple initiatives, indicators, and documentation within a unified, integrated system.


SOS SAHEL’s widespread presence and diverse projects posed significant challenges for their teams in terms of data management and workflow optimization. They needed a system that could effectively track and evaluate the progress of each project while ensuring the data was well-organized and readily available for reporting purposes. Additionally, the organization required a tool that could seamlessly integrate with their existing regional strategy and promote collaboration among team members and stakeholders. 


Delta Monitoring was selected as the ideal solution for SOS SAHEL, providing an integrated platform that could manage projects, indicators, and documents in one system. The software was fully configured to meet SOS SAHEL’s specific needs, allowing for seamless integration with their existing processes and infrastructure. 

With Delta Monitoring in place, SOS SAHEL and its partners can operate from a single system that grants immediate access to all program or project-related data based on the user’s level of authorization. The platform was designed to promote clearly defined workflows, providing administrators with instant overviews of ongoing projects and facilitating collaboration through various integrated tools. 


The implementation of Delta Monitoring transformed SOS SAHEL’s data management, workflow optimization, and reporting capabilities, leading to several notable outcomes: 

  • Improved Workflow Efficiency: With clearly defined workflows and immediate access to relevant data, team members could work more efficiently and collaboratively, reducing the time spent on redundant tasks. 
  • Streamlined Data Management: By consolidating all project-related data in a single, well-organized system (including the data collection process – from forms conception to analytics), SOS SAHEL significantly improved their data management processes, leading to more accurate and informed decision-making. 
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: Delta Monitoring automates many of the processes involved in monitoring and evaluation, reducing the time and resources required to manage data and generate reports, improving transparency and facilitating better decision-making. 
  • Increased Accountability and Traceability: The integrated collaboration tools within Delta Monitoring ensured that team members are accountable for their work and that project progress can be easily traced, promoting a more effective and results-driven approach to project management as well as ensuring that data is collected and analyzed consistently, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies. 


The adoption of Delta Monitoring as a comprehensive solution for SOS SAHEL has greatly enhanced their capabilities in data management, workflow streamlining, and reporting procedures. 

Utilizing a unified, integrated system customized to address their unique requirements, SOS SAHEL and its collaborators can now efficiently strategize, oversee, and assess their wide array of projects, ultimately resulting in superior results and a more profound impact in the Sahel region. 




Enhance workflow efficiency for several teams within the organization and successfully plan, monitor, and evaluate a diverse range of projects spread across different countries in the Sahel region. 

Find an efficient data management and reporting system to assess the outcomes and effects of their endeavors within their all-inclusive regional strategy. 


Delta Monitoring was implemented as an All-in-One Solution to bring together projects, indicators, and document management in a single integrated system, fully configured to their specific needs.   


SOS SAHEL, along with its partners, operates from a single system that grants them immediate access to all program or project-related data based on their level of authorization. 

The system is well-organized and enhances clearly defined workflows.

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