New South Aboriginal Land Council

Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness with Delta Monitoring & Evaluation Software

The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) was established in the 1970s to assist in the fight for land rights.

The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council aims to protect the interests and further the aspirations of its members and the broader Aboriginal community.
The NSWALC is committed to ensuring a better future for Aboriginal people by working for the return of culturally significant and economically viable land, pursuing cultural, social and economic independence for its people and being politically proactive and voicing the position of Aboriginal people on issues that affect them.


As the primary indigenous organization in New South Wales, the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) has a broad scope of responsibilities. These encompass the protection and acquisition of lands that hold cultural significance and economic potential, the advancement of indigenous communities’ cultural, social, and economic independence, and the advocacy for their concerns in the political arena.

One of the primary obstacles faced by NSWALC was the need for comprehensive and efficient monitoring and evaluation of its numerous programs and initiatives. The organization lacked a centralized system to effectively collect, store, analyze, and interpret data, leading to inconsistencies and inefficiencies. This problem also extended to the tracking of the effectiveness of land rights campaigns, social programs, economic development strategies, and other activities. Relying on manual tracking methods resulted in delayed reports, which consequently hindered strategic decision-making and the allocation of resources.


To address this challenge, NSWALC implemented Delta Monitoring, a cutting-edge monitoring and evaluation software. Delta is a comprehensive solution that enables real-time tracking and assessment of the organization’s activities, providing a powerful tool to address the challenge effectively.

Designed to handle extensive datasets, provide real-time tracking, and offer detailed analysis for diverse programs, the Delta Monitoring solution is well-equipped to meet the unique needs of NSWALC. It can readily adapt to ensure smooth adoption and usage, enabling the organization to leverage its capabilities effectively.


The implementation of Delta allowed NSWALC to enhance its monitoring and evaluation processes significantly.

With the software, data from various initiatives became easily collectible, processable, and visualizable, thereby enabling real-time monitoring and evaluation. The provision of detailed and up-to-date reports offered valuable insights, empowering NSWALC to promptly make strategic decisions and enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

This improvement leads to the council being able to identify high-priority areas needing attention and allocate resources more effectively. 


The introduction of Delta Monitoring software brought about a marked improvement in NSWALC’s ability to manage, monitor, and evaluate their wide array of initiatives. This enhancement led to heightened operational efficiency and effectiveness, empowering NSWALC to conduct their activities in a more streamlined and productive manner.

By adopting this innovative solution, organizations are empowered with the necessary tools for making data-driven decisions and enhancing their decision-making processes.

As a result, organizations are better equipped to fulfill their mission and effectively serve their communities.



The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC), as the primary indigenous organization in the region, assumes a wide range of responsibilities. 

These include safeguarding culturally important and economically viable lands, advancing the cultural, social, and economic independence of indigenous communities, and advocating for their interests in politics. 

The NSWALC encountered a significant challenge in effectively monitoring and evaluating their programs and initiatives, due to the absence of a centralized data management system. 


To overcome the monitoring and evaluation challenge, the NSWALC adopted Delta Monitoring, an advanced software solution.

Delta facilitates real-time tracking and assessment of activities. It is designed to handle large datasets, provide real-time tracking, and offer detailed analysis for various programs. 

The adaptable nature of Delta ensures seamless adoption and usage, enabling the NSWALC to make the most of its capabilities.


By implementing Delta Monitoring software, the NSWALC can significantly improve its monitoring and evaluation processes. 

The software streamlines the collection, processing, and visualization of data from diverse initiatives, enabling real-time monitoring and evaluation. 

The provision of detailed and up-to-date reports can empower the NSWALC to make timely strategic decisions, enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness. 

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