Community Renewal Program (CRP)

Planning Institute of Jamaica


The CRP was established by the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) in 2011. It is a multi-level intervention to coordinate and improve service delivery among the most volatile and most unstable communities. vulnerable communities in Jamaica. Its main objective is to achieve lasting and positive change among targeted communities by leveraging multiple interventions in six major thematic areas. These are (i) Social Transformation; (ii) Socio-Development. economic; (iii) Governance; (iv) Youth Support; (v) Physical Transformation; and (vi) Security and Justice.The communities selected come from the five parishes that suffered the highest murder rates. bred over the past ten years. These are St James, Clarendon, St Catherine, Kingston and St Andrew.

CRP monitoring and evaluation portal

DELTA, a fully integrated monitoring and evaluation software solution, offers a secure and user-friendly web monitoring and evaluation portal for the efficient and systematic monitoring and evaluation of multisectoral programs and projects coordinated by the CRP Secretariat. With this system , several CRP implementing partners, who are registered users, are able to effectively plan, track, measure and generate dashboards and reports on the performance of their projects and programs based on access levels At the portfolio level, the CRP Secretariat is able to monitor key CRP indicators in multiple projects / programs and manage information relating to CRP communities, implementing partners and partner projects (including the performance, beneficiary communities, etc.) From data collection and entry to aggregation and analysis, including automated reporting In real time, the CRP Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) portal improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the M&E and reporting system. Key stakeholders are able to gain an overview of progress towards community renewal goals and objectives and the overall impact their interventions are helping to create in CRP communities.


Region: Antilles

Type of organization: International Agencies

Implementing agency: Planning Institute of Jamaica

Main donor: USAID and the Government of Jamaica

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