All You Need to Know about Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are crucial elements of any project or program. Effective M&E plays a key role in the success of a project. It essentially provides a snapshot of anything that went right or wrong during a project.

Therefore, fully understanding M&E is very important for an organization. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about M&E, let’s dive right in.

What is Monitoring and Evaluation?

Monitoring is the organized procedure of gathering, diagnosing, and using data to track a program’s progress toward achieving its objectives and making better management decisions.

Evaluation is the organized review of an activity, project, program, strategy, or policy. It focuses on achieved and expected accomplishments and the procedure that led to them. This helps the organization understand the methods, tools, techniques and strategies that helped make a plan or project a reality. Or the causes of problems or issues.

Millions can be spent on projects, and as an organization, your main goal is to bring the project to a successful conclusion in the best possible way. In addition, you would like to see what is helping to improve the project cycle and what is not. To ensure that you only implement the best tools and techniques for generating results in your next project. And that’s exactly the definition of monitoring and evaluation. 

In doing so, you can also use the help of advanced monitoring and evaluation tools such as Delta Monitoring. M&E may seem intimidating to you if you are not familiar with the concept. So, getting help from a beginner-friendly tool like Delta Monitoring can be really helpful.

Why Conduct Monitoring & Evaluation at all?

One more frequently asked question is why should M&E be carried out?  To deliver on your projects, you need to understand which tools, methods, techniques and strategies work best for you. M&E helps you to understand that very well. It shows you whether the strategy you have selected works or has problems. If there are problems, you can identify them and it helps you solve them as as quickly as possible. In addition, evaluation allows you to assess whether a particular project, plan or policy is worthwhile.

M&E involves the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. In doing so, it is possible to assess the relevance of the initiative. This is why it is regarded as one of the best practices for the success of a project or programme. Monitoring and evaluation helps to identify the problems and deficiencies of a project in order to make it successful.

In addition, using advanced and feature-rich M&E tools like Delta Monitoring can make your M&E much more effective. The functionality of this software allows you to implement M&E efficiently. 

benefits of monitoring & evaluation

Why Organizations Need an M&E Plan?

Here are the top reasons why every organization needs an M&E plan in place;

1. Improves Transparency and Accountability

There is better transparency when companies track, report and analyze a project during the monitoring stage. The reason is information is circulated freely and is readily available to stakeholders. They gain a better understanding of the progress and stages of the project. 

An effective monitoring system ensures that no team member is left in the dark. And this transparency is followed by enhanced accountability. 

2. Helps in Identifying Issues Early

A well-structured and planned M&E plan helps you keep your project on track. It ensures that your project is going according to plan. And if there are any issues, it enables you to spot them in the early stages of your project cycle. 

This helps you solve problems quickly and ensure the smooth processing of your project. With an effective solution, the problems are eliminated. So the rest of the project runs smoothly.

3. Helps in Ensuring that Resources are Allocated Efficiently

resource allocation 

Resources are required in any project. It is essential to know how much money is available, how many people are working on a project and its scope.

As M&E helps to identify issues, an organization can easily know where to allocate resources. Otherwise, the company might allocate resources in the wrong area resulting in a potential big waste. Monitoring and evaluation is essential to a smart allocation of resources.

4. Improves Decision Making 

M&E improves decision making

Evidence gathered through M&E helps an organization make well-informed and better decisions. During M&E, valuable data is collected to help develop methodologies and decide on the strategy to be used for problem resolution. For this purpose, collecting quality data is a critical component of the monitoring and evaluation plan.

5. Encourages Innovation

innovative ideas

M&E can also help foster innovative thinking. Improved ideas for data collection and policy implementation could be proposed. Certain fields require special methods, but many are open to unique and creative ideas. 

You can take advantage of innovative tools such as Delta Monitoring. This tool will help you gain a fresh and unique insight into the data. It will also facilitate new ways of measuring success through detailed insight into all phases of the project. It is excellent for preparing, managing and achieving your long-term goals or anticipated impact.


Monitoring and evaluation is crucial for the growth and success of a project or program. It helps you stay current on the methods and strategies that work best for you. As part of this process, you get to know exactly what kinds of problems or gaps there are. By addressing these issues, you can ensure that your projects are progressing as intended and completed. Key objectives for every organization. 

By choosing the right tools and techniques, you can make your monitoring and evaluation effective and take advantage of all the benefits. Furthermore, if you use industry-leading tools like Delta Monitoring, you or your project manager can seamlessly take your M&E to a top-tier level.

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