DELTA is a Monitoring & Evaluation software for all people who need to plan, track and measure the performance of their projects’ social impact. It is ideal for MEL professionals working in sectors such as:

High Performance

DELTA M&E is a state-of-the-art web software consistent with best practice in project management. Designed specifically for Social Development Projects, Delta helps you achieve high performance through real time reporting on progress and results. Delta is used by many international development Agencies, M&E Departments, Project Management Units, NGOs in several countries as well as programs funded by renowned donors: World Bank, AfDB, etc.

Open System

DELTA is a platform open to other systems: GIS systems such as ArcGis, Geoserver, Esris, or Collaborative systems such as Microsoft SharePoint as part of an Intranet solution, etc. DELTA can also be interfaced with an accounting software for importing financial data (budgets, actual costs, etc.).


DELTA is multilingual with a fully user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use and master it after just one week. Learn as you go with easy on-screen guidance. Training modules are regularly delivered online as webinars. Lastly, a network of distributors in several countries provides local assistance when needed.

Secure and Reliable

With DELTA your data is safe and accessible from anywhere in the world. We use reliable fault-tolerant servers and DELTA also provides user rights management that allows you to set permission levels per user. DELTA can also be implemented on your own server.

Cost Efficient

Save time and money by taking advantage of the cost shared by the volume of customers to have a complete and innovative low-cost platform for planning, monitoring and evaluation of your projects.

Fast Deployment

With DELTA, build your monitoring and evaluation system in only a few weeks (1-5 weeks) according to your specific needs. DELTA is perfectly adaptable and scalable with all the functions needed for planning, tracking and measuring the performance of your social projects.


DELTA Monitoring is ideal for the Monitoring and Evaluation of a portfolio of Social Development Projects managed by an Institution or an International Organization.

Users can work collaboratively in various languages using the same database.

DELTA is ideally suited for monitoring and evaluation of multi-sectoral projects and programs through the Logical Framework, RBM or other methods.

With DELTA, NGOs have a complete tool for monitoring and evaluation of their activities and for sharing information in real time with their partners: donors, agencies, etc.

World Bank 50%
African Development Bank 30%
Internation Fund for Agriculture Development 10%
Islamic Development Bank 5%
Others 5%
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