Footsteps Africa

Enhancing Water Access and Empowering Women in Malawi with Delta Monitoring & Evaluation Software

At the core of Footsteps Africa lies the acknowledgement of the distressing absence of adequate water infrastructure, leading to significant social and economic challenges for rural marginalized women residing in arid areas.
The concept revolves around utilizing access to clean water as a fundamental element in fostering the overall well-being and productivity of women and their families.

The key strategy for driving change is through active engagement and collaboration with women.


Footsteps Africa, an organization committed to empowering women and promoting sustainable water resources in Malawi, faced a considerable challenge in tracking and evaluating their impact on the communities they served. 

They were struggling to monitor the water value chain effectively and measure how their efforts were improving lives, particularly in terms of water access, food production, income generation, and gender equality. 

Their existing systems were primarily manual, leading to data inaccuracies and inefficiencies. These issues were preventing Footsteps Africa from fully understanding their work’s impact, identifying areas for improvement, and securing further funding to expand their programs.


Footsteps Africa implemented Delta Monitoring, an advanced monitoring and evaluation (M&E) software.  This solution enabled them to accurately monitor key indicators related to water usage, food production, income generation, and gender equality across the communities they were serving.

Delta’s solution provided real-time data collection and analysis, visual representation of key performance indicators, and automated report generation. By integrating our software, Footsteps Africa was able to streamline its data collection process, eliminating the previous inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

Moreover, Delta offers geo-tagging features, which enables Footsteps Africa to pinpoint the precise locations of their projects and assess the specific needs of different communities. The software also facilitates sharing data with stakeholders, donors, and partners, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.


Delta improved Footsteps Africa’s operations and capacity to measure impact. The organization can significantly benefit from various tools for data accuracy and process efficiency. They can track their initiatives in real-time, identify successful interventions, and pinpoint areas requiring further support.

Moreover, the data obtained through the software enables Footsteps Africa to advocate more effectively for policy changes at the national level, resulting in a more supportive regulatory environment for their work.


By leveraging Delta’s advanced M&E software, the organization not only improved its internal efficiency and accuracy but also enhanced its capacity to drive meaningful change in the communities they serve. Empowering the organization to effectively analyze and interpret the collected data, gaining valuable insights into the impact of their initiatives.

This, in turn, can help Footsteps Africa secure additional support and funding, allowing them to expand their programs and further empower women while promoting sustainable water resources in Malawi.



Footsteps Africa was grappling with challenges in monitoring and evaluating their impact in Malawi.

Their inability to effectively track the water value chain and measure improvements in water access, food production, income generation, and gender equality stemmed from reliance on manual systems.


To resolve these challenges, Footsteps Africa adopted Delta Monitoring and evaluation.

This advanced M&E solution provided real-time data collection and analysis, enabling accurate tracking of key performance indicators, including water usage, food production, income, and gender equality.


Implementing Delta improved Footsteps Africa’s operations and ability to measure their impact by providing tools for data accuracy and process efficiency.

With geo-tagging features, automated reporting, and data sharing capabilities, the software improves the organization’s operational efficiency and transparency with stakeholders.

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