Sahel Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend Project (SWEDD) - UNFPA Senegal


The SWEDD is a regional initiative and the result of a joint response by the United Nations and the World Bank Group, aimed at strengthening the level of empowerment of women and adolescent girls in order to accelerate the demographic transition in the Western, Central and Southern regions.

This Project is implemented with the technical and financial support of the World Bank, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the West African Health Organization (WAHO),

To monitor all interventions, the Project Management Units of each country produce a large amount of information that must be processed, analyzed and made accessible to users from all sides. In addition to this data, the Coordination Project Regional manages financial information for all countries, which makes it difficult as the Project grows.

To facilitate this data management operation at the regional level, the SWEDD Regional Technical Secretariat has adopted the DELTA Solution, a powerful tool for analyzing and processing information to i) carry out monitoring. project evaluation, ii) share information and iii) facilitate communication between different stakeholders.


Region: West Africa

Type of organization: Projects

Implementing agency: UNFPA

Main donor: The World Bank

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